About Us

About the Financial Services Council

Our Mission

The Financial Services Council’s mission is to represent the interests of our members, our members’ clients and customers, all investors and superannuation fund members, life insurance policy holders, users of financial advice and trustee services.

We will do this by continuously engaging in advocacy concerning the development of the social, economic and regulatory framework in which our members operate, thereby helping them to better serve their clients and customers.

The Financial Services Council is committed to:

  • being open, transparent, and collaborative;
  • encouraging ethical and equitable behaviour by members through the development of industry standards;
  • negotiating the creation of efficient regulatory regimes; and
  • creating “level playing fields” and competitive markets.

Our Objectives

The members of the Financial Services Council – Australia’s leading wealth managers – exist to achieve three outcomes for Australians:

1. To increase their wealth;

2. To protect their lives; and

3. To provide them with a comfortable retirement.

Our Approach

As the largest sector in the Australian economy – responsible for managing the savings of all working Australians and facilitating investment in all industries, we have an obligation to speak out on macro-economic policy issues.

Our Priorities

1. Working to improve the well being of all Australians;

2. Promoting financial adequacy for all Australians;

3. Increasing consumer confidence in the industry;

 4. Promoting efficiency, integrity & good regulation; and

5. Continuing to improve the professionalism and success of FSC and its Members.


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