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Sally Loane - FSC Life Insurance Conference

FSC Life Conference 

I’m looking forward to our annual FSC Life Conference at the Four Seasons Sydney on 16 March  ̶  a content rich, one-day program which includes industry experts who will provide insights into the current and future issues that will shape the industry. 

Delegates will have an opportunity to preview the Life Insurance Code of Practice which is currently being developed by the FSC and its members.  Our panel of experts – Brett Clark, Managing Director of TAL Life, Vicki Mullen  ̶  General Manager, Consumer Relations and Market Development of ICA, and, Alexandra Kelly  ̶  Solicitor of the Financial Rights Legal Centre, will explain how the code will be implemented through underwriting, claims and complaints processes.

John Trowbridge will return to the stage this year to share his views on the industry landscape for 2016 with former Suncorp Life CEO and now APRA member, Geoff Summerhayes and ASIC Deputy Chair, Peter Kell.

Life insurance is at the centre of a perfect storm with the dynamics that the industry once took for granted now undergoing much change.   Simon Swanson  ̶  Managing Director, Clearview and Roland Slee – Managing Director Asia Pacific, Bravura Solutions will take the podium to discuss how the industry can build resilience against disruption in areas such as the value chain, convergence of life insurance products, interest rates and competitive tensions.

The future of advice in life insurance  ̶  an area which is undergoing considerable regulatory and market change –  will be the subject of robust discussion between Rod Bristow – Managing Director, Infocus Wealth Management, Scott Moffitt – Head of Life Insurance, BT Financial Group and Suzanne Haddan  ̶ Managing Director and Representative, BFG Financial Services.

Allan Fels  ̶  Chair, National Mental Health Commission and Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne will join Deanne Stewart  ̶  CEO, Metlife Insurance Ltd and Dr Dielle Felman  ̶  Director, Work Life Well will address the issue of how life insurance companies can ensure best practice when dealing with applicants and claimants with mental health issues.

An important question being asked by the industry is will the Australian annuity market be pushed out of the doldrums as the groundswell of Baby Boomers reaching retirement increases? Panellists Brian Benari  ̶  CEO, Challenger, Darren Wickham  ̶   General Manager, Group Product and Pricing, TAL Life will talk about what the longevity products of tomorrow should look like and what can be learnt from abroad.

Click here to access more details about the 2016 FSC Life Insurance Conference program, an event which also includes the FSC’s Annual Gala Awards Dinner to be held at the Ivy Ballroom on the evening prior to the conference.

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