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Administration & Risk Board Committee


This Committee is responsible for the oversight of the financial and risk management of the Financial Services Council.  The role of the Committee is to provide ongoing assurance in areas of:

  • financial administration and reporting;
  • audit control and independence;
  • legal compliance;
  • internal controls; and
  • risk oversight and management.

The objectives of the Committee are to assist the Board discharge its responsibilities in relation to:

  • effective management of financial and operational risks;
  • accurate management and financial reporting;
  • compliance with relevant laws and regulations;
  • ensuring that Directors are provided with financial and non-financial information that is of high quality and relevant to the judgments to be made by them;
  • effective audit functions and communications between the Board and the auditors;
  • ensuring the maintenance of high standards of business ethics and corporate governance; and 
  • recommending to the Board for adoption policies and procedures on risk.

Oversight and management to establish an effective and efficient system for:

  • identifying, assessing, monitoring and managing risk; and
  • disclosing any material change to the risk profile.

Members of the Administration & Risk Board Committee

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Sally Loane                               

Chief Executive Officer               

P: 02 9299 3022                           




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