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27 January 2017: Sally Loane with Glenda Korporaal, "Massive potential" to export super powers: The Australian

23 January 2017: Sally Loane OpEd, Turnbull’s chance to open up a closed shop: super: The Australian.

17 January 2017: Sally Loane interview with Alex Burke, The race is on for offshore investments: Financial Standard


17 December 2016: Sally Loane - ABC Saturday Extra: 2016 Business Review with Geraldine Doogue

5 October 2016: Sally Loane OpEd, Competition must come to Australia's $2 trillion superannuation system: The Australian

26 September 2016: Sally Loane intervew, Kelly O'Dwyer takes tough line on life insurance commissions: Australian Financial Review

22 September 2016: Sally Loane interview, Productivity Commission may force super funds to merge: The Australian

21 September 2016 - Sally Loane interview, More competition for the $9 billion market, choice of default super may open up: Australian Financial Review

29 August 2016 - Sally Loane, Banks royal commission means death for life insurance reforms: Australian Financial Review

22 July 2016 - Sally Loane, OpEd, A challenge for the 45th parliament – ensure financial services regulation is ‘fit for purpose’: The Australian

2 May 2016 - Sally Loane talks with Alex Burke of Financial Standard on Knowing the Consumer

18 April 2016 - Sally Loane, OpEd on the Royal Commission into Financial Services

16 March 2016 - Sally Loane, Punishing super savers won't fix a broken tax system: Australian Financial Review 

29 February 2016 - Sally Loane, FSC Chief Executive, Women in Super address

26 February 2016 - Sally Loane, FSC Chief Executive, State of the Industry Speech at FSC/HDY Luncheon

12 February 2016 - Andrew Bragg, FSC Director of Policy, OpEd "Super slide is poor policy for the Future", The Australian

4 February 2016 - Christian Gergis, Senior Policy Manager, Trustees: Article in Generosity Magazine, "Philanthropy and International Development; Lessons to learn"

17 January - Sally Loane, FSC, CEO: Interview on Business Sunday on superannuation


31 December 2015 - Sally Loane, FSC CEO, OpEd Australia’s expertise in financial services offers an export goldmine, The Australian

8 December 2015 - Sally Loane, FSC CEO. Australians could give more, OpED

10 November 2015 - Andrew Bragg, FSC Director of Policy, Think global not local on tax reform, Australian Financial Review

5 November 2015 - Christian Gergis, Senior Policy Manager, Trustees: Article in Generosity Magazine, "Native Title - A window of opportunity for Indigenous Australia"

24 September 2015 - Andrew Bragg, FSC Director of Policy "Financial services sector has opportunity to capitalize via ChAFTA", Dukascopy TV

21 September 2015 - Andrew Bragg, FSC Director of Policy "Australia needs a republic - Asia Century" Fin Standard

18 September 2015 - Andrew Bragg, FSC Director of Policy "How to sell a new tax system" The Australian

17 July 2015 - Geoff Lloyd, MD & CEO of Perpetual "Perpetual Motion", Australian Financial Review

26 June 2015 - Andrew Bragg, Dukascopy TV interview "Putting Australia on the Path to Growth"

25 June 2015 - Andrew Bragg, Dukascopy TV interview "Aus Asset Management sector stable against declining market conditions"

13 July 2015 - Andrew Bragg, We need a bigger braoder GST, The Australian

29 June 2015 - Andrew Bragg, Superannuation and the Budget, Australian economy

26 June 2015 - Andrew Bragg, Interview with Sky Business View program on superannuation governance

12 June 2015 - Sally Loane, Financial services the next mining boom

1 June 2015 - Sally Loane & Trevor Pearce OpEd on Native Title

23 April 2015 - Sally Loane OpEd Super deserves highest standards of governance, Herald Sun

21 April 2015 - Sally Loane , Reform needed to drive down super fees

14 April 2015 - Robyn Tolhurst, Words Count, Facebook

4 April 2015 - Sally Loane, Super Tax OpEd, Daily Telegraph

30 March 2015 - Andrew Bragg, Tax Reform Must Not Be Jettisoned OpEd, The Australian

9 March 2015 - Sally Loane, Intergenerational Report (IGR) OpEd, Australian Financial Review

7 March 2015 - Sally Loane, Intergenerational Report (IGR) OpEd, The Telegraph


9 December 2014: John Brogden - FSI OpEd, Australian Financial Review.

3 December 2014: James Bond: FSC-UBS State of the Industry Report 2014 - Interview for Dukascopy TV... or  

2 December 2014: Andrew Bragg – FSC-Perpetual 2014 Investment Managers Cross Border Flows Report - Interview for Dukascopy TV... or

13 November 2014: Capital Investment & Intentions in Australia - James Bond, FSC. Interview for Dukascopy TV

6 November 2014: OpEd by Andrew Bragg - Stronger governance and competition needed in the super system

23 September 2014: ABC interview of John Brogden with Peter Ryan on Adviser Standards Competency Board (radio) - links to web page with media embedded

12 September 2014: OpEd - FSC John Brogden - Super Fees in Herald Sun

28 July 2014: Services Integral to free Trade Negotiations OpEd by James Bond

24 June 2014: The launch of the No More Practice Investment Series

28 April 2014: John Brogden Superannuation OpEd AFR;

15 April 2014: John Brogden with Michelle Grattan on The Conversation re changes to reitrement policies;

10 April 2014: John Brogden "Australian capital markets compare well" - OpEd AFR online

April 2014: Asian Investor article on a panel on the future of fund passporting with Andrew Bragg

26 March: John Brogden "Apathy to action" OpEd Daily Telegraph

26 March: John Brogden "FoFA" OpEd The Australian

27 February: John Brogden "State of the Nation" speech, FSC Deloitte Leadership Series Lunch

27 February: John Brogden OpEd "Financial System Inquiry" Daily Telegraph

17 February: John Brogden OpEd "Minor changes to FoFA needed to keep advice affordable and accessible" AFR

6 February: (WMA file) John Brogden on Radio 2UE with Angela Catterns


NEW: 16 October 2013: John Brogden interview on ABC Today on Asian Region Funds Passport.

NEW: 13 October 2013: John Brogden interview with Q&A New Zealand on compulsory super.

24 September 2013: John Brogden & Vaughn Richtor on Switzer Program re the FSC ING Direct Report "Superannuation - Australia's views"

8 February 2013 - John Brogden: ABC Radio segment on superannuation - The World Today on potential taxes on superannuation.

6 February 2013 - John Brogden: Super tax breaks for the rich under review - Breakfast - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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25 May 2012 - James Bond on Switzer program on release of CIO Sentiment Index

11 Dec 2012 - James Bond on Switzer program on release of FSC-DST Global Solutions CEO Report

18 Dec 2012 - ABC's PM on our high frequency trading - dark pools - report (voice only).
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