Life Insurance Code of Practice Workshops

Life Insurance Code of Practice Workshops – What’s on offer?

With the FSC’s Life Insurance Code of Practice having commenced on 1 October, insurers are now turning their minds to ensure compliance with the Code by 1 July next year.

The FSC has partnered with insurance law experts from Minter Ellison and Herbert Smith Freehills to offer members a series of workshops which will provide a deep-dive into various sections and themes within the Code.

These workshops will assist insurers and others within the broader life insurance industry to think about how the Code will operate in practice.

UPDATE: There are still spaces available at the 2 May workshop on “How will it be governed and how do you comply?”. All other workshops are now full. Please indicate, using the form below, if you would like us to hold further workshops on these topics.




Workshop Timetable / Schedule

Between 7 Feb 2017 and 2 May 2017, each of the six workshops will cover various aspects of the code and their real-world application:

Date / Time


Feb 7


Product design and disclosure – "The social licence dimension"

  • Code requirements
  • Product life cycle
  • Proposed Financial System Inquiry (FSI) duty
  • International perspective

Feb 14


Selling Life Insurance

  • Explore how life insurers can ready themselves for the impending changes, recognise vulnerable consumers and improve the transparency of their underwriting processes?
  • The Code introduces key commitments and obligations to consumers relating to the sale of life insurance.
  • The Code will require life insurers to not only focus on their internal processes for the training and monitoring of sales staff and representatives but also underwriting capability, processes and decision making.
  • It also commits life insurers to provide additional support for those customers who have difficulty with the process of buying insurance or making a claim.

March 7


Note: Allocation exhausted for this session

Claims handling of the future – Code requirements and APRA and ASIC expectations

  • Customer focus
  • Staff training
  • Timeframes
  • Surveillance
  • Impact for third party service providers

March 14


Note: Allocation exhausted for this session

Super Trustees and Group Insurance

  • Unpack the Code and its application to group life insurance scenarios.
  • How does the Code apply to group insurance and what protections are offered to customers who have life insurance through their superannuation or via other group insurance arrangements?
  • What steps will life insurers need to take in relation to group life insurance arrangements to comply with the Code?

April 4


Note: Allocation exhausted for this session

Customer relations – how the Code will affect key life company functions

  • Underwriting
  • Policy administration and cancellation
  • Ongoing communication with customers
  • Complaints handling.

May 2

How will it be governed and how do you comply?
  • Looking to explain the charter, processes for governance and expectations for annual reporting.
  • Compliance with the Life Code will be monitored and enforced by the Life Code Compliance Committee (Life CCC), a new and independent body. Anyone can report alleged breaches of the Code to the Life CCC and the Life CCC will have discretion to investigate allegations and determine if breaches have occurred. Life companies will also need to review and report on their compliance with the Code to the LCCC.

How much will it cost to attend?

Tickets to the Life Insurance Code of Practice Workshops are priced as follows:

  • Members: $75 (inc GST) per workshop
  • Non-Members $105 (inc GST) per workshop

For information on membership benefits or to find out how to become a member please click here

How do I register?

You can register for 1 or all of the workshops dependant on your interests at the below link.

Please note: This registration is being handled by a third party registration site and login details are not related to the FSC website.



Contact Details & Location

All workshops will be held in the FSC’s office located at Level 24 44 Market Street Sydney.

For more information or for further enquiries, please contact us via email at events@fsc.org.au.


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