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Full Membership

Full Membership of the Financial Services Council is open to organisations in wealth management. For more information about the application process you can contact the FSC's Membership Services at membership@fsc.org.au.

Any organisation actively participating in funds management, superannuation, life insurance, financial advisory networks or trustee services is eligible for full, voting membership. If your organisation is involved in one or more of the following activities then you will fall under the full membership category.

  • Life insurance
  • Retail and wholesale investment management
  • Superannuation
  • Financial Advice (75+ authorised representatives)
  • Licensed Trustee Services 

The calculation of annual subscription fees for Full Members is based on the nature and size of the Members' business.

For a Full Membership Application form for FY17 click here.

For information on membership and the calculation of your fees please contact Sharon Sherry on (02) 9299 3022.

Supporting Membership

Organisations which provide professional and other services to wealth managers (Full Members) are eligible for non-voting Supporting Membership of the FSC.

There are two levels of Supporting Membership - for organisations with less than 50 staff and for organisations with more than 50 staff.

Overseas financial associations are also eligible for non-voting Supporting Membership of the FSC.

For a Supporting Member application form and the fee schedule for FY17 click here.

For information on membership please contact Sharon Sherry on (02) 9299 3022.

Benefits of Membership

  • Participation in Industry and public policy debate;
  • Peer to peer contact at CEO Level, to assist in development of industry agenda and strategy;
  • Increased knowledge base and staff development and training;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Development of Industry Standards and Guidelines; and
  • Access to "Members only" information.


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