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By Blake Briggs, CEO of the FSC Australians would collectively benefit from $16bn more in retirement savings and $22bn in additional retirement income by 2050 if the government removed barriers that prevent superannuation funds and fund managers from transferring consumers to innovative, new investment products.

The Financial Services Council has welcomed the Government’s response to the Quality of Advice Review and its commitment to remove costly red tape imposed on financial advisers this year. 

By Blake Briggs, CEO of the FSC The success of Australia’s superannuation system is too often measured by its rapid growth to $3.4 trillion in savings, not by its actual objective, which is to provide income for Australians in retirement.

By Blake Briggs, CEO of the FSC 

By John Brogden, Trustee Director of CFS

The FSC recently published its submission to the Quality of Advice Review that importantly included a response to Treasury’s evaluation of the Life Insurance Framework (LIF).

The FSC continues work on updating the FSC investment management agreement (IMA).

With growing funds under management in ESG themed investment products, ASIC undertook a thematic review into greenwashing, looking into the disclosures of selected managed funds and superannuation funds.

Next month, the new Government will have just ticked over their first 100 days. Early signs, including regular engagement in Canberra by the FSC, indicate the new Government is focused on implementing election commitments. 

The FSC has committed to a joint submission to the Quality of Advice Review between 11 advice associations that is aligned to the FSC’s policy positions.

An important reform to financial services, Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle (or CCIV) came into operation on 1 July this year. The CCIV will provide, for the first time, an Australian investment vehicle that combines the corporate legal framework of a company with flow-through tax treatment.

The FSC works closely with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on many issues of importance to members.