Performance Analytics Expert Group

The Performance Analytics Expert Group comprises a FSC Policy Manager, the Chair and representatives from the P Group.

The purpose of the Expert Group is to:

  1. promote the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) within the Australian market,
  2. assess matters relevant to FSC Guidance Notes 1, 46 and 47,
  3. produce working papers for submission to industry associations and regulators, and
  4. set the agenda for P Group meetings.

Performance analysts and those involved with the GIPS standards and industry guidelines are encouraged to join the P Group as a forum to keep informed on performance issues and key developments.

Relevant FSC Guidance Notes (links)

Guidance Note 1: Global Investment Performance Standards <>

The purpose of this Guidance Note is to assist FSC members in following the global standard for the presentation of historical investment manager performance through adoption of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).

Guidance Note 46: Investment Option Performance - Calculation of Returns <>

The main purpose of this Guidance Note is to ensure consistency in the approach providers take to calculate the past returns of investment options. It provides standardised practices, procedures and terminology relating to the calculation of Total, Growth and Distribution Returns.

Guidance Note 47: Presentation of Past Performance Information and Visual Promotions <>

Further Information

The objectives of this Guidance Note are to assist FSC members in the presentation of past performance information in promoting its financial products and services, as well as to provide guidance in the interpretation and application of key principles.

The CFA Institute has also developed resources to assist in understanding the concepts and principles within the GIPS Standards.

These resources include Handbooks providing explanations of provisions within the Standards and interpretations on compliance.

More information about the GIPS Standards and related resources can be found on the CFA Institute website. <>