The FSC Women in Investment Management Charter (WIM Charter) introduced in 2021 builds on the FSC Guidance Note 38 – Improving Gender Balance in Investment Management Teams (GN38) and the gender diversity resource library which have been developed to provide members with practical tools and guidance to support greater gender balance within investment management teams.

The 2022 FSC Diversity Survey found that women on average make up 27 per cent of investment teams, an increase of two percentage points over the past 12 months.

The survey of 20 global and domestic fund manager members found that all wanted to improve diversity in investment teams, with the majority (95 per cent) tracking gender diversity statistics within their organisation as well as within their investment teams. 

For more findings download the infographic.

Women in Investment Management Charter

To help support greater gender balance in these roles, the FSC WIM Charter introduces accountability and transparency mechanisms to enable organisations to achieve their desired, self-nominated, gender diversity target within their investment management teams. Signatories adopt the following four principles:

  • appoint a senior executive from the investment management team who is responsible and accountable for gender diversity within the investment management team;
  • set internal targets for gender diversity in investment management division;
  • monitor and report annually on progress against targets; and
  • demonstrate an intention to link the pay of staff to delivery against the gender diversity target.

The framework for the WIM Charter is based on HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter (UK Charter), a pledge aimed at improving the gender balance across financial services in the United Kingdom. While the focus for the UK Charter is broader and is aimed at increasing gender balance in senior management, the WIM Charter is focused specifically on gender balance in investment management teams.

Eight WIM Charter Signatories

We are pleased to have eight members collectively managing more than $600 billion in assets under management sign this voluntary initiative to date:

  • AllianceBernstein Australia Limited;
  • Australian Ethical Investment Ltd;
  • Challenger Limited;
  • First Sentier Investors;
  • Mercer;
  • QIC Limited;
  • Russell Investment Group; and
  • State Street Global Advisors Australia Limited.

Further details on the WIM Charter is included in FSC Guidance Note 38 – Improving Gender Balance in Investment Management Teams (GN38).

FSC Women in investment management charter

Through the FSC Women in Investment Management Charter we are providing industry leadership to ensure more women can secure careers in investment management teams – because today, the numbers are still low. See more below.

Accelerating the growth of women in investment management

The FSC was pleased to host a policy briefing on accelerating the growth of women in investment management webinar on 22 November 2022.

Moderated by Sam Hallinan, CEO Australia, Schroders and panellists, including:

  • Camilla Love, F3 0 Future Females in Finance 
  • Yolanda Beattie, Founder, Future IM/Pact
  • Jaya Ong, Investment Analyst, Cambooya

shared great insights into the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry to help achieve greater gender balance in investment teams.

Themes discussed included how the industry can better support and accelerate women's careers in investment management and what changes or areas of focus fund management businesses can implement to shift the dial and support greater gender balance. 

To hear more insights into this important topic, please watch the video below.