Welcome to Issue 72 of the FSC Policy Update. This article outlines legislative and regulatory developments in the financial advice, technology and innovation, investments and superannuation sectors, plus more. Learn about what’s impacting the financial services industry below.

The Financial Services Council has been at the forefront of recent policy debates, raising concerns with the design of the proposed $3 million cap on superannuation balances and continuing to support the implementation of the Quality of Advice Review.

By Blake Briggs, CEO of the FSC The success of Australia’s superannuation system is too often measured by its rapid growth to $3.4 trillion in savings, not by its actual objective, which is to provide income for Australians in retirement.

Welcome to Issue 70 of the FSC Policy Update. 

By Blake Briggs, CEO of the FSC 

By John Brogden, Trustee Director of CFS