5. Get Involved - Further Gender Diversity Resources

5.1 Future IM/Pact Ambassador

The FSC is proud to announce that it is an ambassador for the Future IM/Pact industry initiative aimed at attracting more diverse talent into the investment teams of Australia’s leading super funds and fund managers.

We know that our ability to build high performing teams depends on attracting and valuing diverse talent who bring different perspectives. Our challenge is the majority of our teams remain very Anglo-Celtic and male-dominated. When we look to hire people for junior analyst positions - our entry-level jobs - the vast majority of candidates are men.

We’re determined to change that reality.

How? We want to help Australia’s best and brightest problem solvers from diverse backgrounds consider how they can impact the world as an investor. Insights and opportunities to get a foot in the door will also be provided.

Our initial focus is on reaching women because their perspectives are most under-represented in our teams.

How can you support and enhance the initiative?

Achieving the goal depends on growing the initiative's reach and we need the support of industry bodies, universities and professional networks to help share the word.

  • Link to the Future IM/Pact website: https://www.future-impact.com.au/ 
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and encouraging your peers and colleagues to do so too: Subscribe Here 
  • Follow Future IM/Pact on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube      
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5.2 F3 - Future Females in Finance

F3 is an initiative which is aimed at increasing female participation in financial services by encouraging women to embark on a career in this industry.

It is supported by senior females in financial services who share their passion for finance with the next generation of female talent.

The F3 program includes education, engaging with schools and universities, and provides access positive role models and to work experience.

F3 collaborates with financial industry Partners to achieve its mission. If you or your organisation would like to become involved or if you would simply like to find out more, go to F3.


5.3 30% Club - Growth Through Diversity

The 30% Club believes that gender balance on boards and senior management encourages better leadership and governance, as well as contributing to better all-round performance.

It is a voluntary and inclusive campaign to achieve 30% women on ASX-200 boards by 2018.

The 30% Club collaborates with CEO members, in support of a business led approach, to achieve better gender balance in organisations.   

More information on the 30% Club Australian Chapter is available here.

Follow 30% Club Australia on social media: twitter.


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