This Committee is responsible for the oversight of the Financial Services Council's ("FSC") Standard No. 1 – Industry Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and reviewing FSC member compliance with FSC Standards.

The role of this Committee is to:

  • consider Board Committee proposals for the development of new Standards and revisions to existing Standards;
  • review and make final recommendations to the Board for the approval of draft Standards or Guidance Notes, and revisions to existing Standards or Guidance Notes;
  • oversee the annual FSC Standards compliance process and provide a report to the Board; and
  • hear and assess complaints against FSC member companies, non-compliance with FSC’s Standards and expediting disciplinary action if required.



The Committee comprises the following members of the FSC's Board:

  1. FSC Director, Alison Telfer, Country Head Australasia, UBS Asset Management (Australia) Ltd
  2. FSC Director, Esther Kerr, Chief Executive Officer Wealth & Capital Markets, Australian Unity Group.
  3. (vacant)


FSC Contacts

For more information please contact:

Kylie MacLaren
Company Secretary
0488 169 841
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