This Committee is responsible for the oversight of the Financial Services Council's ("FSC") Standard No. 1 – Industry Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and reviewing FSC member compliance with FSC Standards.

The role of this Committee is to:

  • consider Board Committee proposals for the development of new Standards and revisions to existing Standards;
  • review and make final recommendations to the Board for the approval of draft Standards or Guidance Notes, and revisions to existing Standards or Guidance Notes;
  • oversee the annual FSC Standards compliance process and provide a report to the Board; and
  • hear and assess complaints against FSC member companies, non-compliance with FSC’s Standards and expediting disciplinary action if required.



The Committee comprises the following members of the FSC's Board:

  1. FSC Director, Jen Driscoll, Chief Executive Officer, AllianceBernstein (Australia) Ltd
  2. FSC Director, Alison Telfer, Country Head Australasia, UBS Asset Management (Australia) Ltd
  3. (vacant)


FSC Contacts

For more information please contact:

Kylie MacLaren
Company Secretary
0488 169 841
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