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Retail superannuation funds were placed squarely in the spotlight during the recent Royal Commission. While that spotlight was not always flattering, one positive side effect is that many consumers are now taking a greater interest in superannuation. 

Just days away from The Summit 2019, the FSC has gained an insight into what PwC, Tax Partner, Ken Woo thinks about funds management innovation.

With the FSC ‘s annual premier conference event – The Summit – less than 2 weeks away, The FSC sat down with Julie Coates, PwC Managing Partner, Clients & Markets and Financial Services Industry Leader to get an insight into what to expect during her panel discussion on Tuesday, 27 August.

Investment and superannuation platforms were “light years ahead” of where they began several decades ago and the technology now promised unprecedented levels of engagement and customisation for investors, an FSC Technology Series Workshop has been told.

Regulation of the financial services sector is in a state of flux across the globe, as different regions pursue contrasting – and sometimes conflicting – agendas. Yet collaboration and good policy could help achieve greater unity. That’s the message from Chris Cummings, CEO of the UK’s Investment Association.

A contributor article by Paul Callaghan, General Counsel, Financial Services Council.

The EY PitchFest is fast approaching, are you coming to see what the finalists are doing to address Financial Wellbeing?

Financial services leaders have been invited to engage with global regulators and share their risk assessments for exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Excess capacity in the labour market was the key to understanding the weakness in the Australian economy and was the driving cause of expected interest rate cuts by the Reserve Bank.

Financial services leaders heard about the past, present and future of exchange traded funds at the recent FSC ETF Forum in Sydney.

As the popularity of exchange traded funds (ETFs) continues to soar, global regulators are reconsidering how they strike the balance between managing ETF risk without hampering innovation.

The FSC spoke with Su-Lin Ong, RBC Capital Markets and Michael Thomas, Deloitte Access Economics on today's economic and market trends.