Welcome to Issue 59 of the FSC Policy Update, our last issue of 2021. 

Welcome to Issue 58 of the FSC Policy Update. Parliament resumes next Monday 22 November for its final sitting fortnight for the year.

Welcome to Issue 57 of the FSC Policy Update. At 9am Wednesday the FSC CEO Sally Loane will be In Conversation with Margaret Cole, Executive Board Member of APRA responsible for superannuation, at a free and exclusive FSC member event.

Welcome to Issue 56 of the FSC Policy Update. The implications of the first ‘Your Super’ performance assessments continue to reverberate through the superannuation industry after thirteen MySuper products, holding $56.2 billion, were shown to have ‘underperformed’ across all sectors of the superannuation industry.

Welcome to Issue 55 of the FSC Policy Update. Parliament is set to resume for two weeks starting Monday 23 August, but with significantly reduced attendance due to COVID restrictions in place in the ACT. 

Welcome to Issue 54 of the FSC Policy Update. Parliament is scheduled to resume on Tuesday 3 August for four weeks of sitting across August and early September, with only a single week break in the middle of August.