John is head of the Financial Services practice at TurksLegal and an expert in financial services law, with over 34 years specialising in the sector.  

The FSC recently welcomed Steven Rice to lead a discussion the recommendations from the Royal Commission Final Report at a member briefing in Melbourne.  

In conversation with Janet Anderson

Lapetus Solutions Inc is a science and technology growth company dedicated to creating products and services that will revolutionise the prediction of life events. By combining biodemography, dynamic questioning, and facial analytics, while harnessing the power of cloud computing, the company's scientific approach delivers faster, more accurate results in real time.

By Sally Loane     If “lost” superannuation was tangible, the scene would resemble the wasteland of dead fish clogging our depleted Murray-Darling Basin.

A data and analytics conversation with RBC's I&TS solutions lead, Jamie Stevenson

It’s been a year of significant challenge, disruption and reform right across the financial sector. 

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