Millions of Australians can look forward to a brighter financial future in retirement with the superannuation system’s Retirement Income Covenant coming into effect tomorrow, 1 July 2022.

The Financial Services Council (FSC) and the life insurance industry have today published the new Life Insurance Code of Practice (the Life Code).

In June 2019, the FSC introduced the Moratorium on Genetic Tests in Life Insurance. 

The Joint Associations Working Group (JAWG) has collaborated to lodge a submission to Treasury’s Quality of Advice Review calling for a more consumer-focused regulatory approach, reduced costs, and greater recognition of professional judgement.

Limiting the scheduling of financial adviser exams holds back professional year (PY) candidates because it takes them longer than one year to complete a professional year at a cost to both them and the licensee.

There is extensive research showing that organisations directly benefit from diversity in a range of ways; diversity of thought, improved decision making, new innovation and better financial performance. Yet the data around organisational diversity is not at desired levels. 

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