Eighteen months ago, we set wheels in motion for a significant long-term project, to map the value of financial advice for Australians.

I’m not a financial adviser, but that doesn’t stop everyone, from colleagues to family members to my hairdresser, asking what they should do with their super.

Legacy products are financial products that are well past their “use by” date, as they are no longer issued to new retail customers and over time the number of remaining few customers gradually decreases. 

As a former Canberra Press Gallery journalist, I can vouch for the fact that for political players, there’s nothing more exciting than the smell of blood in the water. 

The FSC wants comprehensive debate about the affordability and accessibility of financial advice in Australia, and the best solutions to secure that.

The funds management sector represents $2.3 trillion in consolidated assets and is a key part of the Australian financial services sector, thus prompting ASIC to undertake a competition review of funds management.

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